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CPE 135A
Impact Modifier 135A for PVC application. Specifications Appearance: white powder Other Names: CPE 135A H.S. Code:3901909000 MF: [CH2-CHCl-CH2-CH2]n CAS NO.: 064754-90-1 Purity: 99.9% Place of Origin: Shandong, China (Mainland) Brand Name: Weipren Grade: 135A
Chlorinated polyethylene CPE 135A
Chlorinated polyethylene CPE 135A.Packaging Details: PP bags of 25kg, 500kg and 1 ton. One 20FCL: 25kg bags, 14 tons with pallets(1.4t/pallet), 17 tons without pallets
chlorinated polyethylene cpe 135a PVC impact modifier
chlorinated polyethylene 1. High impact resistance. 2. Widely used in plastics. 3. World largest production capacity. chlorinated polyethylene
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