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US Cellular car tyres really are not afraid to spend it fried
2014-12-19 14:17:54
我们经We often see in movies like this picture: The police chase criminals, police are often criminals shot off the hook and out of control, Happy criminals away. And in your heart, off-road capability superior off-road vehicle who is it?
Hummer is the Jeep Wrangler, Toyota Prado, Land Rover Defender, Mitsubishi Pajero, or 3.6 million worth of George Patton SUV? Even if your SUV off-road capability is really super, imagine this everywhere in Iraq are likely to step on a bomb the place, you will be able to ensure safe and sound right?
No matter how good the horse is out of the legs and feet, the traditional flat tyres or limited protection, or is costly. Polymer Research Center, Madison, Wisconsin, is quite the fight, not afraid of fried developed a tyre, of course, this is not afraid of bomb explosions just afraid of a certain degree.
This bionic honeycomb structure tyre, which includes tyre and solid cellular matrix, in fact, the heart of a rubber tyre production, through the "interference fit" tight hoop cellular matrix in the periphery; and a cellular matrix comprising an outer ring, the inner circle a columnar honeycomb structure of the ring and disposed between the outer ring and the inner ring, the cross-sectional structure of such a honeycomb hexagonal columnar shape.
Is the so-called principle of bionics, the hexagonal honeycomb structure of the support to each other, relying on mechanical configuration provides the ability to maintain shape, relying on an elastic deformation of materials to provide buffer capacity, to reduce vibration and improve wheel strength. Use structural design while maintaining a certain advantage to maximize damping performance improved wheel strength. On both noise suppression and tyre friction heat is also more favorable than ordinary tyres. Military purposes, cellular polymer molding tyres inflated tyres are safer than ordinary in the explosion, even shot will not tyre, and is suitable for use in such a large temperature difference between the desert regions, high structural strength of the wheel, resistant deformation, not inflated, easy to maintain.常在电影中看到这样的画面:警察追罪犯时,警车常被罪犯一枪打爆而失控,罪犯逍遥而去。而在你心中,越野能力超强的越野车型是谁呢?