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Ferrari tyre technology experts dismiss the effect will be the time to identify reform
2014-12-19 14:02:33
Ferrari announces tyre performance analysis expert Hamajima Yu Ying will leave the team at the end of 2014 after the contract expires, the former Ferrari technical director of Bridgestone reform has become a technical employees have been cleaned.
Tuesday, Ferrari announced the project director - Pat Fry and chief designer Nicholas - soup Mu Bazi leave a message. Yu Ying Bin island when it is recruited by Fry in 2012 as technical director and technical personnel. As a former technical director of Bridgestone, the coast of the island of Britain at the margin by the end of 2010 after the Japanese quit F1 tyres worked for a year in MotoGP, subsequently joined Ferrari is responsible for analyzing the performance of the tyres.
Today, the new leader Ferrari - sweeping structural reforms under the management of personnel within Eliwabei, except James - outside of Ellison, the original core technology department staff were all dismissed.
2014 Ferrari since 1993, after the worst of the season, the annual hard to get a win, F14 T racing is a mockery. In fact, since 2009 technological change, Ferrari gradually losing ground, once aerodynamic design innovation constantly being fully catch up with Red Bull, a direct result of racing over the past five years, never a champion of absolute competitiveness, Fernando - Alonso was able to rely on their own strength to get riders year runner-up three times.
Last September, assistant 2000-2004 heyday Ferrari aerodynamics department, James - Ellison Ruths back from Ferrari, his accomplishments on the technology to be industry experts agree that the most potential to succeed Brown. But then F14 T car research and development work has been completed, he can do only with the 2014 season to try to solve the problem in depth. From 19 games, the least developed Ferrari's chassis has shown an improving trend, aerodynamic effect little by little progress, I believe in 2015 the new car will be significantly improved.
Today, however, the most serious challenge to Ferrari is a new generation engine. The irony is that the Ferrari F1 engines are always uphold the core technology, rather than aerodynamic effect, but the face of 1.6 liters turbocharged V6 hybrid engine technology and energy recovery systems (ERS) upon binding really no solution, not only the quality of overweight but behind the Mercedes 40 hp power output. 2009 became director of Luca Ferrari power sector - LM has become a scapegoat in the season, and now after taking office on Eliwabei within the power sector was restructured. It is understood that he will continue his predecessor Marco - Marty Aceh total unfinished work, further encouraging research and development to break the engine freeze rules allow teams to have more time to upgrade the power unit.
Say, 1992 as a result of public criticism of the Ferrari team ahead of the truck was expelled fourth world champion, has a "professor" reputation of Alan - the beginning of the season Prost quite predictable, he also warned that Ferrari and McLaren two of the best record in the history of F1 teams face reform requires fundamental changes in thinking, the results of this comprehensive defeat two teams 2014 season. Today, Ferrari and work hard for a comprehensive internal reshuffle, whether reform will succeed in the end, will be the time to identify.