Construction technology of chlorinated polyethylene waterproof coiled material
2017-03-29 14:44:06
Construction technology of TQF-I/II type chlorinated polyethylene waterproof coiled material
First, the specifications of TQF-I/II chlorinated polyethylene waterproof roll, thickness of 1.2mm/1.5mm/1.8mm, a variety of specifications can be customized.
Two, the use range of 1 various types of underground engineering waterproof; 2, railway, highway, bridge and tunnel waterproofing; 3, roofing, waterproofing, pool; 4 cracks, wall pipe and water outlet water; 5, various non exposed construction waterproof etc..
Three, the construction technology of (a) TQF chlorinated polyethylene membrane paving, paving waterproof membrane with 1 side walls waterproofing paint, while paving waterproof material order; and the first tile ballast retaining wall on one side of a picture, when the waterproofing paving is completed, then posted another picture. 2, waterproof coiled material should be posted to the end wall, inside and outside the wall of the inner root. 3, when paving application of waterproof coiled material pushing scraper will be smooth, and the waterproof edge no wings, no other part of hollowing. 4, when the beam span is greater than 16m, allowing a longitudinal lap in waterproof membrane. (two) overlapped with the edge TQF chlorinated polyethylene membrane 1, when two pieces of waterproofing paving is completed, marking the lap edge line, above a waterproof material along the longitudinal deck lift about 10cm wide, a waterproof membrane prior paving waterproof coating is coated by overlapping paste. 2, waterproof roll longitudinal, transverse overlapping paste width is not less than 8cm.
3, vertical and horizontal layer waterproof coating thickness of 1.5mm. 4, two waterproof coiled material is finished, with waterproof coating edge. Edge, the inside and outside the wall and the inside of the end wall, as well as waterproofing membrane surrounding the 8cm should be painted waterproof paint, the brush thickness shall not be less than 1.5mm. 5, at the same time in the edge of the process, should be used to drain the water intake of waterproof paint, and with the edge coating. Waterproof paint should be painted to the water inlet is not less than 3cm. Brushing thickness of 1.5mm, brushing should be uniform.
Four, matters needing attention: 1, waterproof coiled material should be placed in the storage period, the height of the height of the deposit to the height of 5 rolls, away from the heat source. 2, waterproof coating should be stored in normal temperature environment, is strictly prohibited from water, is strictly prohibited near fire. 3, more than four wind is strictly prohibited the construction of waterproof layer (waterproof layer except).