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450,000 Hangzhou Zhongce Rubber tyre exports to the US were forced to recall
2014-12-19 14:07:43
Because there is no added 6 mm rubber layer between the tyre steel belt to increase the wear resistance of the tyre, Hangzhou Zhongce Rubber Co., US exports of about 450,000 tyres was recently asked the US Highway Traffic Safety Administration to recall. The recall involves huge recall costs of $ 64 million.
Recall of 450,000 Chinese-made tyres
US FTS trading company had warned in 2002 that the company entered a number of light truck tyres from China Hangzhou Zhongce Rubber Company, which may appear a number of tyre tread from the phenomenon. According to the company to the Highway Traffic Safety Administration data show that the tyre problems that may occur a total of six models.
US Highway Traffic Safety Administration has ordered the recall is expected to total 450,000 tyres. But the recall cost $ 64 million to become the focus of debate who will bear. Currently, FTS company has filed a lawsuit against New Jersey.
FTS is just commercial hype
After the incident, Hangzhou Zhongce Rubber Co., Ltd. has held an emergency meeting to study the matter. Yesterday, the company said in a statement sent to the newspaper, this is just speculation FTS commercial company for the purposes of an action.
Statement details the trouble process: FTS is the second choice in the USA products buyers, because the two sides dispute the existence of business, FTS filed a lawsuit in state court in New Jersey to the end of May 2007. "So for FTS company in June 11, 2007 National Highway Traffic Safety Administration ED report I produced the semi-steel radial light truck tyres (TLR) in the individual product quality defect issues may exist, but we think this is FTS company commercial litigation for the purpose of speculation conducted. "
It is understood that the company has commissioned a second choice Beijing Guantao Law Firm and the US law firm Hogan & Hartson hand in dealing with litigation matters, has entered the stage of the respondent.
Domestic sales and exports were not affected
"Indeed there are other partners and distributors ask specific subject matter, other partners, including the United States, but only to ask to know, other exports unaffected." Relevant person in charge of marketing the company's second choice, said.
In a statement issued to Daily, the tyres have been exported to the US by the American National Standards were tested to ensure compliance with the relevant requirements. The 6 mm rubber layer FTS companies mentioned company explained the second choice, pay attention to the overall tyre design is reasonable, there is no single standard which involves rubber layer, as not to have pockets or no pockets judge the merits of the same T-shirt look, you can not say no tyre 6 mm rubber layer on a security problem.
When asked about domestic sales, the official said: "The current market share of the second choice of 15% of the tyre stable, sales are stable."
Different standards are to blame
Recently, Chinese-made toothpaste, children's toys in the United States were recalled due to safety issues repeatedly, and now the same fate again fall on Chinese-made tyres. On this phenomenon, Zhejiang Foreign Trade Department Deputy Director Zhang Handong WTO Research and Consulting Center, Zhejiang University School of Economics and Professor Huang Xianhai expressed their views.
Zhang Handong believe that these events reflect the technical safety standards exist first foreign points, the international technical requirements are high, and some domestic enterprises do not have time to improve their own standards are becoming more passive. Some US, European countries, long-term holds the highest international standards, national standards is relatively backward, so that the problem continues to export products. Therefore, the companies continue to improve the technical safety standards is the trend.